Priests in The Diocese
Yeshudham Ashram (Premnagar, Jhansi)

Yeshudham Ashram is serving the spiritual needs of the people of all faiths Hindus, Muslims, Christians, people around Jhansi and out side through Thursday prayer meetings, retreats, night vigils, Diving Mercy Cave experience . Healing prayers are offered even over the phones or mobiles who call up with their prayer requests 24 hrs a day. Here are a few regular programs to help our needy neighbours. Free Study : The Ashram provides free service to our needy neighbours as Jesus said : ‘love your neighbour.’ One of such service is providing free education to poor children who do not go to schools due to poor economic conditions. The dropouts, the weak in studies , the unfortunate ones etc, are specially helped so that they could gain some knowledge in Jesus’ name. Free tuitions are offered in the evening hours to
all children in different subjects for those who come to the Ashram. This service is called ‘Vidya Daan’ or offering of knowledge. Many children around the Ashram benefit by this special programme. A few good teachers are employed to teach and guide these children who do their duty with much love and dedication. Children are also provided with some Text books, notebooks, pen-pencils etc., who cannot afford even this. If the parents are willing then we also help them to get admission in regular schools and support them with some school fees and uniform etc. Thus giving them some secular knowledge and the knowledge of God is a very noble task indeed! We do all this for the love of Jesus as He said : ‘what ever you do to the least
you do unto me’. Prayer Ministry : Second very important service is the Prayer Ministry. We have special Healing prayer service on every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on every Sunday from 12 Noon to 1.30 P.M. A lot of children of all faiths come to this prayer services regularly and we pray as one people of God and He is the father of all. The sick are also brought to this prayer meetings for special healing prayers. The Hindus, Muslims, Christians all alike we prayer with one heart and mind and specially the prayers of these little children are quickly answered by our Divine Mercy Lord Jesus and many have extremely benefited and many healings and favours received are being reported. The children themselves conduct Divine Mercy prayer and the Rosary prayers etc., and special prayers are offered for the sick, our spiritual leaders, National leaders, Children and for their families and special prayers are
offered every week twice to all the sponsors of the Bhandara and donors of the Ashram. Many come for the Divine Mercy Cave experience which is a unique feature of the Ashram. Some Biblical Scenes are also exhibited so that we can offer a Bible message and introduce Jesus to many people. The Name of the Ashram is ‘Yeshudham’ ( House of Jesus ) which itself is proclaiming the Love and Power of Jesus to those who come here are very much touched by the Lord and they are freed from all evil, sickness, anxieties and troubles. Free Meals ( Yeshudham Bhandara): On every Thursday from 2007 onwards we are feeding the poor children with a evening meal after the weekly
prayer service. This is done with the help of some generous donors who come forward to sponsor a meal to the little children who come for the prayer service or who come to know about this feeding the poor. This was started on Christmas Day 2007 celebrating Christmas with non-Christians by sharing a good meal and a Hindu came forward who was the first sponsor and from then onwards many have come forward giving a helping hand in this noble task of feeding the little children. It may be a Birthday, Marriage anniversary, Death anniversary or success in work , getting a job, getting a special favour from the Lord and miraculous healings are some of the occasions
to offer such a meal to these little children and the poor. This is what Jesus said “love your neighbor and feed the hungry.” This service is called ‘Anna Daan’ or offering a Meal. Through this service God does wonders in our life. Many are healed by taking this ‘Jesus Prasad.’(Bhandara food) Many donors have received favours after they have offered a meal to these little ones. Over about 300 children and some old people come and benefit from this programme every week. For Christmas, New year and Easter we have special programmes and over 600 children participate. Mother Teresa Bhandara: Mother Teresa is the ‘Mother’ of the whole world but very specially she is the Mother of the poorest of the poor who feeds her children and take good care of them. We are also very proud to say that she belongs to us Indians. Mother Teresa sisters came to Jhansi about 50 years ago and their services are well
appreciated by all. So many people in Jhansi have great reverence towards her. The year 2010-2011 being her Birth Centenary Yeshudham Ashram is inspired to start the feeding of the poor “Mother Theresa Bhandara on every Sunday in her loving memory in Premnagar area where our Ashram is situated and where her sisters served the sick people with free medicine since about 40 years. Some generous sponsors have come forward to give a helping hand to start the free meals on Sundays. Thus feeding the poorest of the poor is started from January 2011onwards. Mother heard Jesus voice: “ I was hungry and you gave me food’, because Jesus said: ‘what ever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you do unto me.”(Mt.25. 35 ) Can we hear
the same voice of Jesus and see Him in the poor? If you are so inspired then you too can give a helping hand in this noble task of feeding the poorest of the poor. Let the Divine Mercy Jesus and Bl. Mother Teresa bless your generosity. The Bible says: “ The measure you give will be the measure you get back.’’ (Lk 6:38) Adopting the Mentally Handicapped Children: We have spotted out ten children from the poor families around our Ashram who are mentally handicapped and deserve our attention and help. Hence each month we provide food grains or help worth Rs. 500/- to each of these children. I Am sure there will be many who will be generous enough to sponsor a child for a year or two. This service too is inspired by Mother Teresa’ life and
thus we will be able to continue this good work in a small way and in our own town or area. The details of the mentally handicapped children is with Fr. Sadanand, Director who could be contacted by Phone No. 09415401495 (INDIA) Senior Citizen’s Day : Every year the Ashram welcomes senior citizens of all our city parishes in Jhansi and also some non- Christians who have completed 60 year or above are invited to this Senior Citizen Day celebration. It is a day of celebration with much joy starting with a Special Holy Mass offered by the Bishop of Jhansi, giving them breakfast, conduct some interesting games, an hour of Prayer for their good health, and then honouring every one with a special gift of honor and finally offering them a good Lunch. Every year the participants are over about 200. They look forward to this day every year where they can meet their friends and the same age group of people
and talk to them and lighten their mind and brighten their heart for a while. The Biblical Exhibition: There are a few Biblical scenes erected around the Ashram such as Jonah’s fish and the boat, Ten commandments, Sermon on the mount, Isaiah’s Kingdom of Peace, Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus , Mother Mary’s apparitions, Great Fight between Good and Evil, Conversion of St. Paul, Good Samaritan story, Mother Teresa as modern Good Samaritan, God as one father of all, Jesus knocking at the door of the Heart etc., through which the messages of Bible are presented. We thank all the donors for their kind contribution for the Bible scenery and for the Ashram Programmes. We assure our sincere prayers for all of them. St. Jude’s Bread: From November 2011 onwards we have started another day of prayer i.e., every Tuesday with the Novena Prayer to our beloved St. Jude at 5 P.M and giving the Holy Bread as Prasadd in honour of St. Jude. This is mainly to bring more people to St. Jude and be benefitted by his special favors and blessings in time of great need and
trouble. He is a Saint who helps the people with hopeless cases and those who are in great trouble have received innumerable favors . Thus it becomes an occasion for us to bring our special needs to this great Saint. The contribution Amount to St. Jude’s Bread (Prasad) is Rs. 1000/- for one Tuesday. You are most welcome to visit the Ashram and become a part of our mission. If you are prompted from within to give a helping hand in our programmes by becoming a sponsor for the Yeshudham Bhandara or helping the poor children for their education and any Thanks Offering or contribution however small kindly send in favour of ‘Director, Yeshudham Ashram.’ Jhansi (Canara Bank, Cathedral Branch, Jhansi: IFS Code: CNRB 0002979 And A/c No. 2979101071017) by Demand Draft, Cheque, Money Order. ( For One meal minimum Contribution Rs. 4000/- for Yeshudham Children Bhandara and Rs. 5000/- for Mother Teresa Bhandara. ) Ashram Address: Qknj lnkuUn Fr. Sadanand (Director) Yeshudham Ashram, Premnagar Thana, Nagra, Jhansi-284003 (U.P.) Ph: 0510-2310248, Mob: 9415401495 (email:

येशुधाम आश्रम परिचय:

येसुधाम आश्रम में 2007 से दिव्य दयामय प्रभु येसु (Divine Mercy Jesus) के नाम से गरीब बच्चों के लिए भण्डारा कराया जाता है जिसे ‘बच्चों का भण्डारा’ कहते हैंे जो प्रति सप्ताह गुरूवार के दिन शाम 4 बजे से 6 बजे तक सत्संग प्रार्थना के बाद चलता है। बहुत लोगों की मदद और उदारतापूर्ण दान से कई लोंगों को प्रभु येसु का ‘‘भोजन प्रसाद’’ पाने का सुअवसर प्राप्त हुआ है। इसी प्रकार मदर टेरेसा के नाम से उनकी जन्म शताब्दी सन् 2010 से के अवसर पर आश्रम में सप्ताह में एक दिन गरीब लोगों के लिए भण्डारा कराने की प्रेरणा प्राप्त हुई है क्योंकि उन्होंने अपने जीवन काल में कई स्थानों पर गरीबों के लिए भण्डारा चलाया था और वह आज भी वह चाहती हैं कि यह कार्य हम लोगों के द्वारा आगे चलता रहे। क्योंकि मदर टेरेसा ने गरीब से गरीब लोगों में प्रभु येसु को पहचाना था जिन्होंने कहा: मैं भूखा था और तुमने मुझे खिलाया।’’ ;मत्ती 25: 35 द्ध । अतः 2011 से येसुधाम आश्रम में मदर टेरेसा की स्मृति में प्रत्येक इतवार को गरीबों का भण्डारा दोपहर को चलाया जा रहा है जिसे ‘मदर टेरेसा भण्डारा’ कहते हैं। यदि आप को इस पुण्य कार्य में
सहयोग करने की प्रेरणा प्राप्त होती है तो अवश्य आश्रम के सेवा कार्य में हाथ बंटा सकते हैं। मदर टेरेसा और करूणामय येसु आप को तथा आप के परिवार को सदा आशीर्वाद से भर देंगे। बच्चों का भण्डारा सहयोग राशि एक बार के लिए रु. 4000/- तथा मदर टेरेसा भण्डारा के लिए रु. 5000/- जो चेक, बैंक ड्राफ्ट अथवा मनीआर्डर द्वारा येशुधाम आश्रम के नाम से भेज सकते हैं। आप की उदारता का प्रभु येसु और मदर टेरेसा सौगुना प्रतिफल अवश्य देंगे। आश्रम आप सभी का हार्दिक स्वागत है। हमारा पता हैः येशुधाम आश्रम, प्रेमनगर थाना, झांसी, 284003 ;उत्तर प्रदेश । फोन 0510-2310248 अथवा मो0 09415401495 सहयोग राशि सीधे आश्रम के खाते में भेज सकते हैं: डाइरेक्टर, येशुधाम आश्रम झांसी, केनरा बैंक, कैथेड्रल काॅलेज ब्रांच, झांसी . (Jhansi: IFS Code: CNRB 0002979 And A/c No. 2979101071017).